February 19, 2020

How does AMSPAR Social work?

AMSPAR Social was set up following requests from members and students. The purpose is to collect health news in one easily accessible place that can be used for CPD purposes.

Designed to be short snippets that can be easily digested whilst enjoying a well earned cuppa, it also provides links to allow you to read the full story.

You have the option to record a reflective comment and this can then be used as accredited AMSPAR CPD. Each post is equivalent to 0.5 hours of CPD. Taking part just once per month will provide you with 6 hours of unstructured accredited AMSPAR CPD in a year.

Members and students can post their reflections to their own ‘My CPD’ within the AMSPAR Health Academy.

To find out more contact Head Office on 020 7387 6005

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