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      AMSPAR is the UK's leading bespoke provider of education for non-clinical staff working in a health organisation.  Established in 1964, our courses and qualifications are recognised by NHS Careers and used by the private sector, armed forces and the prison service.  We are a professional membership body and our qualifications are also recognised internationally.
      AMSPAR -  Medical Administration, Management and Terminology. Nationally accredited qualifications for non-clinical staff. Vocational training online.
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  • Looking for advice.
    I would like to join AMSPAR.
    I am a qualified Medical Secretary (gained diploma from Anniesland College, Glasgow – 1985-1987).
    I work in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.
    What type of membership am I eligible for?
    Many thanks, Carolyn.

    • Thank you for your enquiry. Based on your level of qualification and experience, you will be able to apply for our highest level of membership. Our certified membership allows you the use of the post nominal CSMgr FAMS FIPC or FISC, depending whether your chosen faculty is Primary or Secondary care. You may also use the designation “Certified Strategic Manager”. Applying is easy, just go to NEW MEMBER APPLICATION and complete the registration form. Alternatively contact our Education and Membership officer using our online enquiry form GENERAL ENQUIRY FORM


  • Hi,
    I am currently working in an administration roll in the NHS and would like to progress and obtain an AMSPAR qualification. I currently hold a BSc in Psychology with Combined. I’m not really sure where I need to start with AMSPAR, Do I need to do level 2, then 3 then 5 or can I do 3 then 5?

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