March 4, 2024



Aspirational Performance (AP)

Designed to allow aspiring and existing leaders and managers to create an understanding of purpose and what realistic expectations are

Lead the way (AP1)

CompetencyAdministerial roleManagerial roleStrategic role
AP1.4 Managing expectations
Is able to know what is expected of self and team and is able to discuss these expectations with management and can prioritise workloads for team and help them achieve their goals by providing clear objectives and delegating work effectivelyIs able to introduce and maintain clear and easy to use processes for team to ensure team objectives and expectations are met and can identify and respond to challenges and can implement process that is aligned to strategic priorities and can articulate the organisational expectationsIs able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to successfully operate an engaged and diverse organisation and can deliver easy to follow organisational processes which align to the strategic priorities of the organisation
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